Cold Drinks

From refreshing organic sodas to iced tea, smoothies, and frappes. The perfect choice on a warm day.

Hot Drinks

Allpress coffee. The perfectly balanced and sweet blend keeps you coming back for more.


Breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Choose between our assortment of bites to eat, made fresh every morning.


~ Orra Café ~

Hot Drinks

Reg / Large

  • Espresso $4.50
  • Long Black $4.50 / $5
  • Flat White $5.50 / $6
  • Cappuccino $5.50 / $6
  • Hot Chocolate $5 / $5.50
  • Mocha $5.50 / $6
  • Latte $5.50 / $6
  • Chai Latte $6
  • Matcha Latte $6.50
  • Tea $5


  • Almond / Coconut / Soy / Oat Milk $1
  • Cream / Decaf / Extra Shot 50c
  • Syrup $1
  • Fluffy $1.50

Cold Drinks

  • Phoenix $6
  • No Ugly $7
  • Frappes $10

    Coffee / Mocha / Chocolate

  • Smoothies $10

    Banana / Berry / Mango

  • Iced Tea $4.50

    Lemon / Mango / Peach

Bites To Eat

We do not have a set food menu. Every day you get to experience an array of freshly made café bites to eat. From sandwiches, bagels, cakes, and muffins, come and enjoy your drink with a perfectly light meal.

About Us

Established in 2016, Orra Café is a vibrant coffee shop, founded by two lifelong friends Astrit & Sokol. Having both worked in hospitality for over 20 years, they knew that great quality food and beverages along with genuinely polite service go a long way. And that, is how Orra Café came to be one of the most buzzing spots in the North West.


We use Allpress coffee. In addition, there’s a variety of great, fresh food every morning! Perfect for a quick coffee or a long stay.

We Offer

~ A Perfect Variety ~

Coffee & Tea

Deliciously smooth Allpress coffee, a variety of tea, and other cold or warm beverages.

Sweet n' Sour

A variety of freshly made sweets and pastry fillings. The perfect combination with your drink of choice.


Catering services Auckland-wide. From work functions to private events. Call us to find out more.

Work Spots

Find a place to relax and tune in to the ideal café ambient. A productive hub for the working professional.

Child Friendly

Bites and drinks available to suit your kids. Who doesn't love a cup of hot chocolate?!

Opening Hours

Week Days: 7 am – 3 pm

Weekends: 8 am – 3 pm


5/45 Maki Street,


Auckland 0614

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